At the 24th November 2012, a "Yogalates" class for the afternoon school programme of the "Bernhard Nordkamp Centre"/Katutura was held at the Goethe Centre. This great afternoon school programme is offered by Mary Beth Gallagher.

150 children attend this special programme. They receive lunch, help with their homework as well as extra maths and English tutoring. Since they started this programme, the performance of the children increased tremendously. Often they are now the best of their schools.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Mary Beth also offers a special sports programme for the children. Part of it is also: "Yoga for children".

The programme finances itself only through donations. Therefore the idea arose to do a special: "Yogalates" class to raise funds for the renovation of the playground.

Yoga and Pilates are excellent activities to improve balance, muscle control, posture and offer relaxation. 34 adults and 18 kids attended this special 90 minute class in the Goethe Centre.
"Yogalates" was offered by Jutta Dobler and Birgit Nakamhela.

A total amount of N$ 4,800.00 was raised during this charity class.

We would like to thank everyone who came along and contributed to this class.

If people would like to volunteer at the "Bernhard Nordkamp Centre", please contact Mary Beth Gallagher: Tel. 081-2285717.