At the 26th of November 2011, Unlimited Fitness held their annually year end class. This year, we had 2 Pilates students, Laura Stoffberg and Katja Helmholz, assisting in the teaching.

Laura started teaching a basic/fundamental Pilates class. Birgit and Katja shared the intermediate section. After the traditional Pilates classes, Birgit gave their clients a taste of some Pilates on the balls with music as well as using ball massage and relaxation to finish off this active morning of over 3 hours. We had 12 clients attending. The day ended with some champagne and delicious food.

We also did a special Nordic Walking Year End class – doing a great walk in the luxury hill area and ending this fantastic year with champagne and snacks.

A total of N$ 2500 was raised during both fundraising activities.

We used this money to repair the "Tugela Family Park". This playground is situated in Katutura and many children in the neighbourhood are using this playground. For the neighbourhood children, it is often the only form of entertainment available.

Unfortunately the municipality doesn't have the budget to renovate the playground. Swings, the see-saw and the jungle gym were broken and it was not safe for the children to play there anymore.

Unlimited Fitness, together with Daniel Shilongo (a professional welder), repaired everything again in April 2012. We also held an "Easter Egg Hunt" for the children there. It was great to see that the joint effort of all Unlimited Fitness clients helped to provide a safe environment for the children.

Unlimited Fitness will do more of those classes in the future – it will be called: "Namibians in Action" – watch this space for more information!