Unlimited Fitness invited their clients and friends to two year-end Pilates classes on the 10th December 2010 – all members and visitors only had to bring an educational toy for kindergartens in Katutura.

Our Christmas Event on the 10th December 2010 was very successful. All clients brought wonderful toys for the kindergarten. Both Pilates classes were also well attended and all got an intense workout in the Pilates method. Qualified nannies looked after the children while everyone was in the Pilates classes.

This is a permanent service of Unlimited Fitness – all members can bring their child/children to the nanny service while attending classes at Unlimited Fitness. The children will be looked after by qualified staff - they play, sing and learn finger games together.

After the Pilates classes, every adult had the opportunity to drink a glass of champagne, chat and socialise. Unlimited Fitness plans to do such events regularly in the future.