What is Pilates?

Pilates is a non aerobic form of exercise that dramatically improves strength, flexibility, co-ordination and posture. Controlled, smoothly flowing exercises are performed in precise alignment with deep breathing. In Pilates, the quality of movement is more important than the number of repetitions.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates trains the whole body and mind, improving posture and body awareness. Deep, lateral, back-breathing is encouraged, which in itself will improve circulation, energy levels and feelings of well being. Muscle imbalances are addressed; lengthening dominant muscle groups whilst strengthening weaker ones, giving overall a more toned and balanced appearance. Muscle strength, flexibility and co-ordination are just some of the benefits you will experience.

How long does it take to notice any benefits?

Pilates is not an overnight cure, but the eventual benefits are long-lasting. Most people take about ten classes to start seeing or feeling a difference. It will take a while just to increase body awareness and understand the technique. I’m glad I persevered” is a comment that we often hear.

Who is Pilates suitable for?

Pilates suits all types and ages, men and women alike. Following operations or injury it is gentle and supportive, giving the body time to recover and build strength in weaker areas. It is safe throughout pregnancy, targeting muscle groups that will help you both leading up to and following birth. It is effective for stress related conditions, improving circulation and flexibility, thereby releasing tension.
Remember that whilst Pilates strengthens the weak it also challenges the strong. There is something for everyone.

What is the difference between Pilates and yoga?

Pilates has no spiritual or meditative background. Its concerns are based much more around increasing muscle strength, tone and core stability. Because Pilates and yoga are actually quite different from each other, they can work very well together as complementary exercise systems.

What must I wear during a Pilates session?

You can wear comfortable clothes; no shoes required, but socks are recommended. Please always bring a towel to class and have water handy.

How big are the classes?

All classes at Unlimited Fitness have space for 6-8 people. Therefore it is necessary to book your space in advance after attending the "Posture and Movement Analysis".