Comments from Clients regarding the quality of the classes at Unlimited Fitness

1. Barbara Curtis

Regular exercise is very good for the health and mental well-being, and all people should be strongly encouraged to exercise regularly.

Why should one have to join a formal gym in order to exercise? There are so many different forms of exercise, and everybody needs to find what suits him/her. I have been a member of two different gyms in this town (Windhoek), but did not find anything at either of them that I really liked or that suited my needs. Therefore I hardly ever attended, even though they had this scheme of sponsorship by the medical aid that I was a member of at the time. So for me, it was all just a waste of money.

Then I discovered Unlimited Fitness and haven't looked back. I really look forward to the classes and hate having to miss any.

One of the very important benefits of a small outfit like Unlimited Fitness is personal attention. At a large gym no one cares whether you come or not, are ill or healthy, or even whether you do the exercises correctly or not. As long as you pay them your money, they are happy.

Birgit is fare more concerned with her clients' well-being than the money we pay her. She knows each of us personally, notices if we are ill or down, gives us help and guidance on our health, as well as making sure that we do all the exercises correctly. This last point is very important. You can do more harm than good by incorrect exercising, which can happen really easily at a large gym. It can never happen with Birgit.

There is also absolutely NO DOUBT whatsoever that Nia and Nordic Walking classes have improved my general health and well-being. Last year I lost 7kg due to regular walking (I didn't diet or try any other ways of losing weight), which can only be of benefit to my health. The classes are fun and well structured, giving the whole body a really good workout, without putting unnecessary strain on the heart and knees. Many days the only way I manage to get through the day is the thought of the class that evening. I get very frustrated if I have to miss a class, for whatever reason.

2. Frauke Roeschlau

I hate big gymnasiums where you run from one apparatus to the next without really knowing how it works or how your posture should be etc. Unless you have a personal fitness trainer you might as well go for a walk in the park ... I have found the sessions with only six or eight people great, because every muscle is worked when doing Pilates and you become much more aware of your posture an of your body overall and when it tweaks, why it tweaks ... and thirdly, I feel like I have personal attention and much greater success at a lower price than at a big gymnasium.

3. Jessica Meyer

I have been attending Birgit's Pilates Classes twice weekly since September 2007 and have been enjoying every minute of it. Since I don't like the commercial gym environment, Birgit's classes are ideal for me, as she gives personal attention to all her clients and her classes are really enjoyable. Pilates exercises have made me feel healthier, stronger and more toned. Every time I finish a class, I feel like I have accomplished something! Not just for my health, but for my whole well-being.

I have also attended Birgit's Pre-Natal Classes, which were very informative and interesting. And I would recommend them to every expectant mother and father.

I intend going to Birgit's classes for a long time to come!

4. Edith Peter

I joint a Pilates group class at Biokinetics (Dr. H. Boshoff) during 2006/2007 lead by Birgit Nakamhela.

I found the Pilates exercise excellent for an elderly person like me especially if one gets sufficient guidance because the risk for an injury is higher at an advanced age.

5. Frauke Kreitz

To physical look and care for my health and body is as important as eating and sleeping.

For me Pilates and Nordic Walking is the perfect combination to stay fit and Pilates helps me tremendously with my lower back problem. I enjoy walking and now for 4 years of Nordic Walking the impact on the upper body is great feeling.

The studio atmosphere is just as vital, small groups and the immediate and direct on site training is for me! I dislike the mass gyms where there is no assistance and guidance.

6. Charlotte Bond

Whilst recently pregnant I found Birgit's pelvic floor, beginners pilates and ante-natal classes tremendously helpful in preparing me for childbirth. I felt fitter and healthier than I had for a long time and this resulted in being able to have a completely natural home birth. This in turn saved my medical aid thousands of dollars as I did not have a caesarean, was not hospitalised at all and did not receive any medication! Obviously an advantageous situation for all concerned.

7. Toni Hart

I know that I enjoy my Pilates and Nordic Walking but some-days (especially in winter) I'm just lazy, it's dark and i don't come to class. I also tend to "make my work as an excuse" for not coming either i.e. I'm too busy and stressed. I know I feel a lot better once I’ve been to classes, much more relaxed and less stressed and happy so if I know that I've got an added benefit/reason to come to classes - I know I'll force myself more, which in the long run is better for me. Also especially because of my chronic lower back problems - I notice I go to Daryl (Dr. Oehley) a lot less when I come to classes so that would help with my medical aid claiming as well. We live in such a hectic and rush-rush life now-a-days, more exercise definitely makes your feel better.

8. Heidi Balzar

I am walking for more than 2½ years now and try to go as regular as possible, twice a week and I enjoy it very much. I am much fitter and my breathing is better and I feel that my muscles are much stronger. I enjoyed walking for many years but Nordic Walking in a group is really special and as you are checking on us so that we use the right technique I believe that everybody benefits greatly from this exercise.

9. Silke von Seydlitz

Pilates exercises have definitely strengthened my back and core muscles in the past few years. I have had pains and stiffness in my right arm, and wrist, as well as my left wrist and shoulder and am clear of pain now. The reformer machine is a wonderful apparatus to strengthen various muscle groups as well, but especially core muscles. My visits to the chiropractioner have decreased since I'm regularly and purposefully exercising the relevant muscle groups.' Silke von Seydlitz

10. Anna Davis

"Over the last six years I have worked with Birgit Nakamhela on various aspects of fitness and personal training mostly focusing on Pilates and Nordic walking. Pilates has become an essential part of my physical and mental fitness programme and the effects have been remarkable. Not only does Pilates provide a steady build up of physical strength it has improved my posture and I feel better during the day and sleep better. During my pregnancy I attended pre-natal classes at Unlimited Fitness and took personal Pilates training classes. Pilates helped build my core muscles and my lower back only experienced discomfort during the very last few days of pregnancy, and I put this down to the effects of Pilates. I had a very healthy and fit pregnancy and owe a large part of this to the wellbeing that Pilates helped promote both physically and mentally. My child is now almost two, and after not attending Pilates regularly during this period, I am now back on a regular programme and the results are truly noticeable. I feel better physically (improved muscle tone, physical strength) and mentally as I always leave classes feeling composed and relaxed."

11. Ingrid Jordan

When looking through my calendar, I recognized that I started Pilates with you exactly three years ago! As I mentioned already recently all the problems which I had with my back and shoulders are actually things of the past. I am also more aware of my body, my posture, watching myself when I am walking or sitting.

Thank you for always encouraging me and keeping me fit.

12. Monika Jahnke

Since 1999, after falling badly, I suffered from severe lower back pain and visited my physiotherapist on a regular basis for treatment. I also took a fair amount of medication for pain relief. In 2003 I had to undergo a back operation, because the nerves in my right leg were badly affected. In 2005 a friend recommended that I join the pilates classes of Unlimited Fitness as the exercises helped to decrease her back pain.

Since joining the pilates classes my back pain disappeared to a great extend and I no longer have to visit my physiotherapist or take any pain medication. Being a teacher, I often have to sit long hours preparing and marking school work which puts a lot of strain on my back. Furthermore I would also like to mention that my back gets worse when not exercising regularly due to unforeseen circumstances or when going away on holidays.

13. Jill Kinahan

More than a year ago, I attended two sessions of your classes for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, the beginners and advanced courses. After pregnancy and an episiotomy, I had been suffering very much from incontinence, not being able to control my urine when coughing, sneezing, or even laughing. Exercises like jumping on the trampoline were completely impossible for me.

During the course of the classes, I not only learnt how to control those specific muscles and strengthen them, but learnt from you much helpful information, some of which you found out especially for me, including the relevant facts concerning how hormonal changes from month to month can immediately affect these muscles. I have continued to practise the exercises on my own, and the quality of my life, and my fitness, has been much improved.

You have equipped me with a program and knowledge to be able to manage my health very much better. I would like to continue with classes, but at present, with a hectic program, it suits me to exercise daily at my own home, and I am lucky and disciplined enough to be able to keep to my own program. However, I know that if I encounter problems, I can come back to you not only for guidance with exercise but also for good information specific to a problem.With best wishes for achieving your goal of being recognized for giving high quality complementary health programs,Yours,Jill Kinahan

14. Sylvia Teetz

I am 54 years of age and take part in the Pilates classes of Unlimited Fitness. I started about 2 years ago and can only say that it helps to maintain good health.

  • When exercising on a regular basis you automatically look after your eating habits and try to lose weight.
  • Exercising let you feel happy and good/it sets free happiness hormones(endorphins, serotonin etc.), which helps preventing many illnesses.
  • It definitely helped with my depression
  • I can sleep much better since.
  • Much more flexibility

At Unlimited Fitness you exercise in small groups with a very capable trainer, Birgit Nakamhela,who monitors your throughout the whole session and looks that one keeps the correct posture. She will immediately correct any movement that could do harm to your body.Therefore there are no unnecessary injuries to muscles and sinews. One does warm up in the beginning and stretching several times during and at the end the session. Also Birgit regularly attends seminars, courses and write examinations to keep up the high level of her training.

Everybody who wants to take part in her Pilates classes will be evaluated in an private session to find out about all ailments to which attention should be paid. Either in not participating in a specific exercise that could to do more harm or in doing specific exercises to give more relieve e.g. back pain.

15. Tina Viljoen

Herewith I wish to state that, although I regularly receive prescriptions from my medical practitioner to attend Biokinetics sessions for lower back problems, I have increasingly realized that the Pilates classes offered by Unlimited Fitness/Birgit Nakamhela are more effective to control my problem than those offered at Biokinetics.

I further wish to add that, since Mrs. Nakamhela gives personal attention to me as an individual, I have so far opted to pay for her classes out of my pocket, rather using the prescription to go to Biokinetics, which would be paid by my medical aid.

16. Elmarie Kotze

I can just say from my side, I am enjoying Pilates and Birgit's classes, more and more as we go along - I think Birgit is a very good teacher - always interesting and changing.....Every December when we have holidays and I try to do some maintenance on my own then I realize how valuable Birgit's classes are. Apparently we all need a sergeant major to keep us motivatedsmile

17. Annette de Klerk

Dear Birgit, I also just would like to thank you for your great classes. I don't think we tell you that enough. Very often my back and shoulders get sore from my daily work on the PC and I can always feel the relief after a good Pilates workout.

18. Ingrid Holdt

"Dear Birgit, I feel very good and relaxed after the "Dorn and Breussmassage" - thanks so much!"

19. Irina Riehle

"Good morning, Birgit! I would like to tell you that I've done something correct in class yesterday. My middle part of the body (=core) is sore like a "ring" - from the abdominals to the back muscles and again back! I love it! 1000x Thank you!" 

20. Kay Bandlow

" Hi Birgit, my shoulders feel so much better today. I always feel the stress at those points. You may not have green hands to plant but you do have magical  hands that bring relief & healing. Thank you!"

 21. Renate Wiemers

"Thank you for every Tuesday morning Pilates. I had to adjust my mirror in the car this morning, wondering what dwarf was driving my car. I feel so much better again."

 22. Lin Willis

" I can not thank you enough already for the incredible classes you offer!!! You are consistent, thorough, and are awesome at reminding us to keep that tummy in - all the time! And my butt hurts so bad today!!!lol!!! I'm so thankful that I have found you, and look forward to many more classes with you!" 

23. Comments from clients who attended the "Pelvic Floor Course":

" I learned a lot of new facts about the pelvic floor and the exercises are good. My condition has already improved. Thank you, Birgit!"

" I was specially glad to realize that just plain posture makes a difference to the tone of the pelvic floor! I found the imagery good (eg. squirrel). You could sell your relaxation on CD's!"

"The course was very valuable; we learnt a lot. The course was done professional. If there is a follow-up course, I will definitely join the course again!"

"The course was very good and interesting for me. Got a lot new tips how to strengthen your pelvic floor during our busy life."

" I really have enjoyed your class and found it very helpful. I look forward to the next one."

" Excellent explanation of the anatomy and how it functions. The images worked very well for me. Birgit is also very sensitive to the privacy of this topic and yet realistic to mention all that is necessary. We also got excellent tips how to integrate the exercises into daily life and sport. I could have done with 1 or 2 more sessions just to settle the habits. My suggestion: a follow up / refresher course in 6 weeks. Thanks." 

"This course was very beneficial. It helped me concentrate on doing my exercises and also explained clearly how to combine them correctly with my Pilates exercises. I really enjoyed the exercises we did especially the repetitions and the more advanced ones. I would be interested in a follow up course and/or intermediate one. "

"Ek het nie besef dat die spiere wat nie so sigbaar is so 'n groot rol speel nie. Die regte postuur houding beinvloed nie net die "inside" nie - dit hou die kop reg en so ook menswaardigheid. Beste van alles - ons kan omtrent al die oefenings enige plek oefen. Hoef nie eens gim toe te gaan vir dit nie...Ek het van alles gehou. Ek wil jou bedank vir jou vriendelikheid en al die leiding en belowe om dit leefstyl te maak. Gaan hart tryom ook so mooi regop soos jy te kaan loop! Nogmaals baie baie dankie vir alles!" 

" Thanks Birgit for a great course - I found it useful to become more aware of my pelvic floor. Also the stretching I found has been good for my body, which doesn't stretch very often! I feel energized and good after each class. For the first time in many years, I feel motivated to get fit and in shape. it was very inspiring to see you in action - you are so good in leading and facilitating the training."