Birgit Nakamhela is a/an

  • "Educator and Teacher" - 4 years study in Education in Germany and worked in different institutions in Germany, USA and Namibia 
  • "Aerobic Instructor" (HFPA/Namiba and South Africa) - 6 months study
  •  "Personal Trainer" (ISSA/USA) - 1 year study in USA
  •  "Pilates Teacher" (Renee Watson Pilates Studio/South Africa) - over many years, Birgit studied different levels of the Pilates method - Foundation,  Intermediate, Advanced as well as Equipment of the Pilates method
  • "Health Consultant" (IST/Germany) - 3 years correspondence study 
  • "Nordic Walking Instructor" (Nordic Walking Union/Germany) - 15 hours study
  • "Rebalancer" (Osho School For Creative Touch, South Africa/England - 260 hours study
  • "Dorn-and Breussmethod Therapist and Masseur" - 15 hours study
  • "Pelvic Floor Trainer" - 25 hour training in Germany
  • "Nia-white-belt teacher" (Kathy Wholstenholme/South Africa) - 40 hours study
  • " Yoga kids teacher" ("Yoga Beez"/South Africa) - 32 hours study

Continuous education is very important and is done on national and international level.

In February 2008 Birgit passed her international PMA exam (Pilates Method Alliance). The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) is a not-for-profit professional association dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. The PMA’s mission is to protect the public by establishing certification and continuing education standards for Pilates professionals. The PMA is registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States as a not-for-profit organization.

By choosing a PMA Pilates Certified teacher you can be assured of a professional in the field of Pilates.



My name is Laura Myburgh. I grew up as part of a very "sporty" family, on a smallholding in South Africa where we ran free, climbed trees, shinnied up poles and swam to our hearts' content! What a blessing! I was exposed to many kinds of sport, but, above all, I was taught that having good posture and being active enhanced one's health. I turned into a pudgy teenager and was always encouraged by my parents to exercise, exercise, exercise!

I studied Physical Education at Stellenbosch University and enjoyed both the variety of practical activities required, as well the theoretical aspects. We were taught the importance of teaching/allowing a child a wide base of physical movement skills, before specializing in any sport - in contrast to the practice of many sporting codes, that identify "talent" at a young age and then concentrate solely on that discipline. I followed up the Degree in Physical Education with a Higher Education Diploma and also an Honours Degree in the physiological side of Physical Education at Pretoria University. After that I taught high school for 5 years, had children and taught again for a year, before branching out into preschool teaching, or foundation phase of education. Here I found my niche and am able to put into practice my movement philosophy: "You Are How You Move".

Along the way I took up jogging/road-running and completed a marathon and a number of short races, joined the gym many times, taught my own Ladies' Aerobics club and walked and hiked.

In Windhoek, I found Pilates and Nordic Walking to be JUST the combination of exercise that suited me!

After 2 years of participation, I did the first level of the Pilates course and became a Pilates Instructor myself.

I am passionate about posture and core stability and sustainable exercise. I feel that, as far as possible, exercise should be included into one's normal weekly routine without pain or undue discipline to force the attendance of one's chosen sessions. One should enjoy the activity and feel so much better for it that one looks forward to the next session! One can't be expected to persevere with any form of exercise if one hates it!


Viva Unlimited Fitness!